Scholarship Grant

Dot Drake Scholarship Grant for New Mexico Crochet Guild

Dot Drake is a founding member of the New Mexico Crochet Guild and was the first president after the guild was formed. She is a published author and designer and has won awards for her crocheted items. She established the Dot Drake Scholarship Grant to further the art and education of crochet.

A member in good standing may apply for grant monies totaling up to $250.00 to help pay for enrollment in a crochet class, instructor fees for that specific class, or supplies purchased by the student and required for completion of that specific class.

A member in good standing may apply for grant monies only once in a one year period.

 An applicant must provide a signed and dated letter, to the New Mexico Crochet Guild (NMCG) President, detailing an explanation of why they are applying for the grant, how monies are to be utilized, what they hope to learn from this class, where class is being taught and who will be the instructor.

       The request will be reviewed by the President and the Executive Board, who will render their decision.  Once monies are approved, a signed copy of the letter is to be given to the Treasurer for release of funds. 

      Applicant will receive a response within thirty (30) days as to whether the grant has been approved or turned down. 

      If approved, after class completion a full report will be provided to the NMCG President.   The recipient will be expected to demonstrate to the guild members, at a membership meeting, what they learned when they took their class.

      The applicant must fulfill the above mentioned requirements within a year or grant monies will be returned to the NMCG and they will be applied back to the Dot Drake Scholarship Grant.

All pictures on this page are afghans made by Dot. She crochets many afghans which are given to charity.

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